Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting

To ensure that we obtain the best possible results with all drainage problems, we take all necessary steps to make sure that we use the most effective drain cleaning method for each individual issue. One of the methods available to us is called drain jetting.

Drain Jetting

Drain jetting offers a highly effective method of clearing blocked drains in London. Whilst on occasion the use of drainage rods can be used to clear a drain blockage, sometimes these are not able to reach the cause of the blockage or can even make things worse by simply forcing it further down the pipe.

By using our high pressure drain jetting equipment, we are able to use the hose to travel much further down the pipe, along with negotiating corners and bends to get much closer to the blockage allowing us to exert far greater force.

Drain Clearance Services

The process of drain jetting London offers a proven method of achieving long lasting results and can be used on all types of drainage systems to clear all types of obstruction.

Such is the power of the jet of water used, along with clearing standard blockages such as grease, fat or limescale, it can even be effective at moving tree roots or a variety of other obstructions which may have become stuck in the pipes.

Our team carry drain jetting equipment in there vans for nearly all jobs, ensuring that we can obtain a speedy resolution time after time.

Exceptional Safety Record

The team at J & P Drainage in London are trained to the highest of standards and are fully aware of the health and safety implications of the work that they undertake. This ensures that they are full respectful of your home and property at all times.

When using the high pressure water jetting machine, they will follow strict safety guidelines that are designed to protect you, your home and themselves.

Other Services Available

Because the drain jetter is so powerful, if it cannot clear the blockage, there is a good chance that the drain may have collapsed.

It is possible that the cost of gaining access to your drain and then repairing it may be covered by your building insurance and we will be able provide you with advice regarding the best way to resolve your claim.

We will however, do all that we can to ensure that your drainage problem receives a speedy resolution.

Call us on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 for instant drainage assistance.

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