Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains and Drain Blockages in London

Blocked drains can be the cause of a huge amount of stress for property owners. The majority of people are unaware of exactly how to effective clear a blocked drain and therefore their attempts are unfortunately very likely to end if failure. Therefore problems which could be dealt with quickly, can often linger for months.

Common Drainage Problems

The most common drainage issues in London relate to blocked pipes, blocked sinks, baths or showers. If your drains is only working temporarily then give us a call now. Here at J & P Drainage we use the very best equipment available to achieve effective and long lasting results.

The importance of dealing with drainage blockages quickly cannot be overstated because if left for too long, problems can become much worse and even result in the collapse of your drain.

Common causes of blocked drains London include:

  • Build of substance inside pipe-work / sewer (typically from silt or grease)
  • Unsuitable subjects being flushed down the toilet (i.e nappies or sanitary towels) which then become stuck
  • Tree or plant roots penetrating underground pipe-work walls
  • Garden waste or leaves entering rainwater guttering, gulleys or drains

Latest Equipment Available

To ensure that we can provide efficient and long lasting solutions to all blocked drain call-outs, we ensure that our team of skilled drainage engineers are fully equipped with the very latest equipment to ensure they are most prepared to deal with your blocked drain.

We have the complete range of drainage equipment at our disposal, from high pressure water jetting equipment to electro mechanical cleaning equipment and CCTV’s.

Free Estimates & No Call-Out Charges

Our pricing policy is one that we are very proud of and includes free estimate wherever necessary. We also do not charge call-out fees.

Our charges are based on a minimum of 1 hours work, and offer then we charge per ½ half hour. As we would like you to use us again sometime in the future we do not partake in the practise of slipping over the time slot by five minutes and charging you and additional half hour.

Other Services Available

In addition unblocking drains we also undertake a wide range of other drainage services including:

  • Drain cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning gutters, gulley’s and all external rainwater drainage systems
  • CCTV surveys
  • Much more…

For more information about our blocked drains London services, call us on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 now.

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