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Welcome to J & P Drainage. We provide a comprehensive range of drainage solutions to customers based throughout all areas of London.

If you are having problems with any of the following, please give us a call on Tel. No. 020 7610 1616 for immediate assistance.

  • Blocked drains
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain jetting
  • Collapsed drains
  • Drainage repairs

Drainage Specialists

Blocked drains are far more than just an inconvenience. If left unchecked, problems can rapidly deteriorate and become a hazardous issue which threatens your home or business.

With a team of highly experienced technicians skilled in all aspects of drainage maintenance and repair, we are ready to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the London area.

Fast Efficient & Friendly Service

Offering a fast, efficient and effective service, J & P Drainage in London have the most up to date tools at our disposal, including CCTV drain inspections equipment, which allows us to get to the root of the problem at the earliest possible stage.

Internal & External Drainage Problems

Not only can our team help to diagnose and rectify drainage London issues within a property, we can also tailor our services to provide effective relief from problems relating to external drainage pipe-work which connects to the public sewer system, bur also external rainwater systems from the gutters to the down- pipes.

Emergency Drainage Companies in London

We treat all drainage London issues as emergencies, and as such we take all necessary steps to ensure that our team of highly trained and experienced drainage engineers are fully equipped with the latest equipment in an effort to make sure that all drainage problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

If your home or business is suffering from any type of drainage issue, including blocked or damaged drains in London, the expert team at J & P is never more than a phone call away.

Simply call us now on 020 7610 1616 for a prompt and efficient service delivering long lasting results.

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Family Business

J&P are a family business serving the households of London for over 30 years. We are Drainage London and Drainage Companies in London and the majority of our business comes from existing customers and customer referrals. We are not a franchise or call centre and all our electricians only work for us, so when you call Know More

Transparent Pricing

We have a transparent and fair pricing policy so all customers know up front what the charges are and what the potential total costs will be. This includes:
  1. No call out fee (but one hour minimum charge)
  2. Half hour time slots - after the first hour additional time is charged per half hour slot
  3. Fair timing policy – if a job Know More


All new installation workmanship undertaken by J and P is covered by our written 12 month workmanship guarantee. All supplied materials and products are covered by manufacturer’s guarantees. Know More

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  • The drain system under our house was constantly getting blocked so we decided to have it looked at by J and P plumbing. On first inspection it was determined that the system had never been maintained and the drains needed cleaning. Using their high pressure jetting equipment J and P cleaned our drains with minimal disruption and mess. The drains have not blocked since.

    Harry S., Richmond.
  • We had a blocked sink in our house in Chelsea. We tried all the chemicals from the supermarket but these did not work. J and P quickly sorted out the problem in less than an hour; the engineer was very friendly and helpful and did not leave a mess which made a nice change. We were very impressed by J&P as a company and will definitely be using them again.

    Sandra H, Chelsea.
  • When the water was not draining from the sink I initially just put some drainer cleaner down which I bought from the local supermarket. This did nothing so we removed the –bend to clean it out. This was clean so next looked to the drain the sink was draining into and this was all backing up as well. We then called in J&P who quickly determined that the main drain from the property to the public sewer was blocked. They quickly got rid of the blockage, then sprayed clean disinfected all the drains. They sorted out the problem very quickly and efficiently and I’ll definitely use them again if we have another problem.

    Chris, Fulham.
  • We run a fast food chicken outlet which as you’d imagine has a lot of fat and grease to deal with. J and P have been cleaning our drains regularly now for just over 5 years. They provide a very professional service and always keep any disruption to a minimum. We are very happy to recommend J and P.

    Frank L from, Wandsworth.
  • We had an issue with a leaking down pipe from the WC’s in the block of flats where we live. Because it was a block of flats quite a bit of coordination was required with other occupants. J and P were very proactive and professional; they quickly resolved the problem with what turned out to be very little inconvenience.

    Tom B, Hammersmith.
  • We have a ground floor / basement flat and one day the WC stopped flushing. After having a large national company round who charged us a lot of money for achieving nothing we called J and P. They immediately recommended a CCTV survey to identify what the problem was. It was found out that the roots from the bush in our front garden had grown into the drain running from the house to the sewer causing it to collapse. This required digging an 8 foot deep trench in our front garden to replace the broken section of pipework. J and P were very efficient and arranged the whole job very professionally.

    Dean N., Putney.
  • We were getting ready to go on holiday and the sink stopped flushing. I did the usual stuff of looking at the U bend and could see it was a problem further back. I also lifted a manhole cover within our property and saw that was full up as well. Being we needed to get this sorted out as did not want to go on holiday with all the drains blocked we called out J and P. After surveying the property they identified a blockage past the main man hole between our property and the public sewer. Using their rodding equipment they quickly unblocked the pipework and the drains in the house soon cleared. They also de-odourised and disinfected all the drains. We were very impressed by their service and friendly staff.

    Jonathon F., Clapham.
  • When the only toilet in our one bedroom flat blocked on a Sunday evening it was what you would call and emergency, especially as my elderly mother lives with us. J and P were with us within the hour and the toilet was unblocked 30 minutes later. Everything was done with the minimum disruption and everything was left clean and tidy, and the chap who came was very friendly and helpful.

    Pat M, Barnes.

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